Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Simple Body Lotion

A body lotion has a thin consistency than a cream and is easily absorbed by our skin.
Making a body lotion at home is as same as making a cream except for the thickness.
This is a basic body lotion suited for all skin types.

A basic body lotion



1. Aloe Vera gel
2. Rose water
3. Herbal decoction
1. Cocoa or Shea butter
2. Extra virgin olive oil
3. Emulsifier
4. Lavender Essential oil
5. Vitamin e
6. Preservative
7. Iso propyl alcohol for sterilization.


1. A double boiler or a large stainless bowl & a small glass bowl to fit in to the large bowl.
2. A candy thermometer.
3. Hand mixer or blender.
4. Mixing spoons.
5. Storage containers.
6. Strainer.

Method of making a basic body lotion

STEP 1: Melt the beeswax, Cocoa butter and emulsifier in a double boiler.
STEP 2: Add the Olive oil.
STEP 3: Strain the hot herbal decoction.
STEP 4: Add Aloevera gel and rose water.
STEP 5: Blend the oil and liquid phase at almost same tempratures.
STEP 6: After cooling add the essential oil and preservative.
STEP 7: Blend well.
STEP 8: Store in sterelized containers.

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