Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Moisturizing Day Cream

Moisturizing creams should be a part of everyday skincare routine. This homemade moisturizer nourishes the skin from deep within,  leaving your skin soft and supple after every use.
This cream is suited for all skin types for everyday use. This is a highly organic cream, so  preservative is manditory or the cream will get spoiled very quickly.


Light moisiturizing day cream

1. Distilled water.
2. Mixed fruit & vegetable juice.
3. Preservative.
4. Iso propyl alcohol for sterilization.
1. Almond oil/ grapeseed oil
2. Emulsifier
3. Essential oil
1. Double boiler
2. Candy thermometer
3. Mixing spoons
4. Hand blender
5. Storage jars
STEP 1 : Heat the oil & emulsifier.
STEP 2 : Heat the distilled water.
STEP 3 : Blend the oil-emulsifier mixture with the heated distilled water.
STEP 4 : Slowly add the vegetable juice while mixing.
STEP 5 : After 5 minutes add the preservative and essential oil and blend well.
STEP 6 : Sterilize the storage jars with isopropyl alcohol.
STEP 7 : Transfer the cream to the storage jars.

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