Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Madder Root Lip Balm

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Madder Root Lip Balm

  1. Cocoa Butter               (20g)  
  2. Olive Oil                      (20g)
  3. Castor Oil                    (20g)
  4. Beeswax                      (10 to 12 g)  Decides the thickness of the balm
  5. Madder root powder    (1/4 tsp)
  6. Glycerin                       (1/8 tsp) Optional

  1. Melt Cocoa Butter & Beeswax in a double boiler
  2. Measure & mix the oils 
  3. Mix all the oils with the melted beeswax & Cocoa butter
  4. Use a mini hand mixer to incorporate the mixture
  5. Transfer to sterilized storage jars
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Fragrance free Baby Diaper Rash Balm

Fragrance free Baby Diaper Rash Balm


  1. Coconut Oil        (50g)  
  2. Olive Oil             (50g)
  3. Castor Oil           (50g)
  4. Sesame Oil         (50g)
  5. Avocado Oil       (50g)
  6. Neem Oil            (50g)
  7. Beeswax             (50 to 60 g)  Decides the thickness of the balm


  1. Measure & mix all the oils
  2. Warm the oils in a bowl 
  3. Melt beeswax in a double boiler
  4. Mix all the oils with the melted beeswax 
  5. Use a mini hand mixer to incorporate the melted beeswax & oils
  6. Transfer to sterilized storage jars

  • Use as & when needed, for baby diaper rashes
  • The balm is preservative free & fragrance free

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Simple Body Lotion

Simple Body Lotion

A body lotion has a thin consistency than a cream and is easily absorbed by our skin.
Making a body lotion at home is as same as making a cream except for the thickness.
This is a basic body lotion suited for all skin types.

A basic body lotion



1. Aloe Vera gel
2. Rose water
3. Herbal decoction
1. Cocoa or Shea butter
2. Extra virgin olive oil
3. Emulsifier
4. Lavender Essential oil
5. Vitamin e
6. Preservative
7. Iso propyl alcohol for sterilization.


1. A double boiler or a large stainless bowl & a small glass bowl to fit in to the large bowl.
2. A candy thermometer.
3. Hand mixer or blender.
4. Mixing spoons.
5. Storage containers.
6. Strainer.

Method of making a basic body lotion

STEP 1: Melt the beeswax, Cocoa butter and emulsifier in a double boiler.
STEP 2: Add the Olive oil.
STEP 3: Strain the hot herbal decoction.
STEP 4: Add Aloevera gel and rose water.
STEP 5: Blend the oil and liquid phase at almost same tempratures.
STEP 6: After cooling add the essential oil and preservative.
STEP 7: Blend well.
STEP 8: Store in sterelized containers.

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Moisturizing Day Cream

Moisturizing Day Cream

Moisturizing creams should be a part of everyday skincare routine. This homemade moisturizer nourishes the skin from deep within,  leaving your skin soft and supple after every use.
This cream is suited for all skin types for everyday use. This is a highly organic cream, so  preservative is manditory or the cream will get spoiled very quickly.


Light moisiturizing day cream

1. Distilled water.
2. Mixed fruit & vegetable juice.
3. Preservative.
4. Iso propyl alcohol for sterilization.
1. Almond oil/ grapeseed oil
2. Emulsifier
3. Essential oil
1. Double boiler
2. Candy thermometer
3. Mixing spoons
4. Hand blender
5. Storage jars
STEP 1 : Heat the oil & emulsifier.
STEP 2 : Heat the distilled water.
STEP 3 : Blend the oil-emulsifier mixture with the heated distilled water.
STEP 4 : Slowly add the vegetable juice while mixing.
STEP 5 : After 5 minutes add the preservative and essential oil and blend well.
STEP 6 : Sterilize the storage jars with isopropyl alcohol.
STEP 7 : Transfer the cream to the storage jars.
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Intensive Anti-aging Night Cream

Intensive Anti-aging Night Cream

Night creams are wonderful skin healers.
When your skin is dull and stressed out it, an overnight skin cream works wonders.
Making your own intensive night creams at home has its own benefits.
You can choose exactly what goes into your cream, you can choose the amount of cream you need to make and skip all the unwanted ingredients you do not need or allergic to.

This cream is suited for overnight skin soaks. You can use all of the ingredients I use or substitute with any of your own choice. Just adjust the percentages to make it 100%.

Intensive anti-aging night cream


Total Amount of Cream: 250 grams

Liquid ingredients  : 80% = 200 grams
Oil ingredients  : 20% = 50 grams


  1. Aloe Vera gel-----30%   = 75 grams

  2. Rose water--------10%   = 25 grams

  3. Herbal decoction--10%   = 25 grams

  4. Liquid collagen---10%   = 25 grams

  5. Honey + water-----8.5%  = 21.25 grams

  6. Green tea---------5%    = 12.5 grams

  7. HA serum----------5%    = 12.5 grams

  8. Preservative------1.5%  = 3.75 grams


   Total           = 200 grams



  1. Extra Virgin Olive oil---7%  = 17.5 grams

  2. Beeswax------------------3%   = 7.5 grams 

  3. Emulsifier---------------7%   = 17.5 grams

  4. Glyceryl Stearate--------2%   = 5 grams

  5. Essential oil------------0.5% = 1.25 grams 

  6. Vitamin-E----------------0.5% = 1.25 grams


    TOTAL          = 50 grams



STEP 1: Melt the beeswax, emulsifier & glyceryl stearate in a double boiler.
STEP 2: Add the olive oil & mix well.
STEP 3: Add green tea leaves to hot water & steep for 10 mins.
STEP 4: Make the hot water herbal decoction.
STEP 5: Add 10 grams of honey to 11.25 grams of warm water.
STEP 6: Mix green tea, herbal decoction & honey water.
STEP 7: Add the Aloe gel to the above mixture.
STEP 8: When the oil & liquid phase reach 70 to 75°C pour the liquid phase into the oil phase.
STEP 9: Blend the oil and liquid phase using a hand blender.
STEP 10: Add the remaining liquid ingredients and blend well.
STEP 11: Finally add the preservative and essential oil & blend well.
STEP 12: Transfer the cream into sterilized storage containers.

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Anti-aging Aloe Serum

Anti-aging Aloe Serum

A water based skin serum is light and non-greasy, perfectly suited for everyday use.
Making a skin serum at home is very simple and has very few ingredients.

You can use all the ingredients that I use or skip a few or add more according to the needs of your skin.

Before making any skincare product at home, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients that are used & after preparing test a small patch on the back of your palm and wait for 24 hours before starting to use the finished product.



1.Aloe Vera gel

2.Hyaluronic acid             

 3.Rose water

4.Green tea

5.Sodium lactate
6.Liquid collagen
7.Essential oil (any of your choice)
8.Preservative (needed if making in large amounts)


STEP 1: Sterilize all the equipment and storage jars.

STEP 2: Extract fresh Aloe Vera gel.

STEP 3: Make a hyaluronic acid serum.

STEP 4: Mix all the ingredients.

STEP 5: Finally add the essential oils & preservative.

STEP 6: Transfer the serum into storage containers.

STEP 7: Store the serum in the refrigerator for longer use. ( You can store outside if using a preservative).

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Sandalwood Face Mask

Sandalwood Face Mask

Sandalwood powder is known for its antiblemish and nourishing properties. It tightens the skin and makes it smoother after every use.
Yoghurt not only benefits our internal health but also imparts wonderful benefits to the skin.The lactic acid in yoghurt dissolves dead skin cells making the skin shiny and smooth from inside.
Both Sandalwood and yoghurt are known for their anti-blemish properties. They are known to reduce blemishes and pigmentation of the skin.

Best suited for dull & mature skin.




1.2 tsp. Pure Sandalwood powder
2.1/2 tsp. Yoghurt
3.1/2 tsp. Honey
4.1/2 tsp. Rose water
5.2 to 3 drops sandalwood essential oil (optional)




STEP 1: Take 2tsp. sandalwood powder in a bowl.

STEP 2: Add rosewater to the sandalwood powder & mix well without any lumps.

STEP 3: Add yoghurt to the above paste & mix well.

STEP 4: Add 1/2 tsp. honey & mix well.

STEP 5: Add the essential oil and mix. (Optional)

STEP 6: Cleanse your face, apply the mask & wash off after 15-20 minutes.

This mask can be stored in refrigerator for not more than a week. If stored more than a week, then use a preservative. Prepare in small amounts and use it fresh.

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